Tuesday, 9 February 2010


So, my three best friends and I decided a long time ago to say goodbye and part our seperate ways with a trip through Europe. We've always been together at school, but that will change in college as each of us will go different places.

HOWEVER,  that is so not the point.

The point is we are starting to organise it and I had the idea of asking you if you knew of any place in the following cities which we should not miss:


It could be tourist places or just nice hidden spots.

Thank you to everyone =)

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


And she wishes she could escape all this. Go back in time. Or forward. It really doesn't matter. The only thing she cares about is getting rid of this feeling of not being able to decide how her life is going to turn out.

She used to think she was worth it. She used to think she was unstoppable. She used to think that she'd get what she always wanted.

But boy was she wrong.

She's been crushed to pieces which are so small she doesn't even recognise them anymore. How can she trust herself if no one else does? She has no confidence. She has nothing to make her feel better.

Every bad decision she ever made is catching up to her. She has tried to run, but she's tired. The huge ball is catching up and she's going to be hit by it, but it doesn't matter anymore. She can't fight anymore. 

She's just so tired.